• STYLISH DESIGN: - Set of 2 Tipsy Wine Glasses design make it seem as though the glass is always about to tip over, and is finished with text on each, one reading "Wanna Get Tipsy?" and the other reading "Let's get Tipsy!".
  • PREMIUM QUALITY GLASSES - These Tipsy Wine Glasses are made from safe and high cost food-grade hard plastic, CE, strong and durable.
  • NOVELTY FUN PRESENTS : Our set of 2 Tipsy Wine glasses will make that celebration even more special. Elegant and delicate design, these glasses are the perfect way to toast that special occasion. Stylish and Elegant Tipsy Wine Glasses.
  • LEAD FREE CRYSTAL GLASS - Provides a visual clarity that allows wines to express their true visual appeal. Users can enjoy unprecedented sensory experience from a cold-cut cup rim. Smooth to drink from, the quality of our glasses ensures whiskey maintains its temperature
  • DIMENSIONS & CAPACITY - (each glass) - L10cm x W10cm x H18cm / L4" x W4" x H7" (approx.) Glass Capacity (each) - 220ml.

Tipsy Wine Glasses

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