Frequently asked questions

If I shop today, when will my order be delivered?

Local orders will be delivered via TTPOST within 4 working days. International orders are delivered within 15 days.

How are orders delivered?

TTPOST is our official courier. For local orders, the Track Pak Courier Service is used to prevent against theft and loss. Please note that someone must be availabe to collect Track Pak packages. International orders are posted via TTPOST's Standard International Postal Service and/or DHL depending on the Country.

My Order Has Been Returned to Sender

Please read our Returned To Sender Policy here: dohsaydatgame.com/shipping-returns-refund-policy

Where are Orders Shipped From?

All merchandise is packaged and shipped from Trinidad and Tobago.

What is Your Refund & Exchange Policy?

Please read our Return, Returned To Sender and Refund Policy here: dohsaydatgame.com/shipping-returns-refund-policy

What Happens After I Place My Order?

You will receive an Order Confirmation email. We will email again with s Shipping Confirmation with Tracking Number once your order has been processed and dsipatched.

Promotions, Coupons & Sale- Terms & Conditions Apply

Terms & Conditions Apply All promotions, coupons and sales are advertised with its terms and conditions. Please read all terms and conditions carefully before purchase to ensure that you understand the offer and if it applies to your order. Please note that all promotions, coupons and sales carry epiration dates.To qualify for promotions, coupons and sales, purchases must be made before the expiration dates advertised. Coupons: Coupons are not automatically applied to your order. Coupon codes must be applied by you during checkout. Failure to apply a coupon during checkout will result in foregoring of the coupon. Freebies: Occasionlly we send customers free merchandise. Any free merchandise sent to you by us qualifies as a promotion. If any free item is Returned to Sender, it is considered unwanted and will not be sent again.

Do You Have A Cash-On-Delivery/Collection Option

For the safety of our staff and customers, we no longer offer collection or cash-on-delivery options. As we are exclusively an online store, all purchases are made digitally. Orders are automatically processed and then dispatched from our fulfillment facility to TTPOST for delivery straight to your door.

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